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Wonder Woman lunch box in red, yellow and blue.

Wonder Woman Lunch Boxes a Big Hit

We have been slow to mention and show our appreciation to all the of the wonderful bloggers who take the time to show off our work.  Well not anymore.  Teri Martin from Beyourdreams on Etsy has a lovely blog  She has been so kind as to include our Wonder Woman lunch box in her [Read On]

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The 411 on Thank You Notes

There’s a joke that says something about Martha Stewart sending thank you cards to thank those who sent her a thank you note.  It’s doubtful, of course, any such     thing actually occurred, but it does speak volumes about how people feel about thank you notes.  Many people wonder just when a thank you [Read On]

Ocean Dot Platter

Personalized Plates Instead of Trophies

These days, it seems like everyone gets a trophy. If you children play sports consistently, they probably bring home several trophies a year. While it’s nice to have something to remember the season by, and even nicer if the trophy actually marks a championship or big win, many times all those trophies do is gather [Read On]

Childrens Party Decor

The “New” Etiquette of Children’s Party

Throwing a birthday party can be fun and a great way to celebrate your child’s special day.  However, learning the dos and don’ts of children’s parties can be a tough learning curve.  We have compiled a list of helpful hints and answers to some of the most common questions we encounter. How large of a [Read On]

personalized plates

Celebrating Preschool Graduation

If you have preschool aged kids, do you plan on celebrating graduation to “big kid school”? Or, if you’ve already been there, did you do anything to celebrate? There seem to be several opinions on preschool graduations. Several mom-blogs have condemned the practice as celebrating a non-accomplishment, stating that moving from preschool to regular school [Read On]