About Us

Take 2 total strangers, living 2 separate lives in 2 different states, Mix in seven kids, 2 husbands and 2 homes. Add 2 heads full of ideas, 2 hearts filled with passion for design and one giant leap of faith and you have the beginnings of Sassy Alice Designs!

Sassy Alice was founded by Tiffani Woody who joined Etsy in early 2010. Almost immediately, she met Tabatha Lucas through Etsy, who had been operating her own stationery shop since 2009. They began to collaborate on designs for each of their stores and worked so well together that it wasn’t long before a partnership and lifelong friendship was born. Their chemistry was evident as their collaborative designs were immediately embraced by their clients.

In early 2011, they announced that Sassy Alice and Invites by Tab had officially joined forces to be collectively known as Sassy Alice Designs. In August of that year, Tabatha said goodbye to a long and successful career in marketing to join Tiffani in the full time operations of Sassy Alice Designs.

“To all of you who believed in us individually and to those who have come to know us collectively, we humbly thank you for allowing us to share in your celebrations. To those that have yet to work with us, we invite you to come and get to know us. We are only a click away.”

With Love and Sass,
Tiffani and Tabatha