Celebrating Preschool Graduation

If you have preschool aged kids, do you plan on celebrating graduation to “big kid school”? Or, if you’ve already been there, did you do anything to celebrate?

There seem to be several opinions on preschool graduations. Several mom-blogs have condemned the practice as celebrating a non-accomplishment, stating that moving from preschool to regular school is just part of life. Others see it as a unique time in a child’s life, when encouragement and celebration should be enjoyed. Some who have spoken out against the practice even changed their mind after having a child go through preschool and attended a small graduation ceremony.

All of the talk makes one wonder—is it about the kids, or the parents and teachers? Because what four or five year old wouldn’t enjoy a good party and a little attention?

If you plan on celebrating or commemorating your child’s graduation from preschool, consider the Sassy Alice Design melamine bowl or plate with the Graduation Owl theme. This little owl sports a graduation cap and can be personalized with the name of your child. Further customization for colors and fonts is available. All Sassy Alice Design melamine dishes are BPA free and dishwasher save.

Your little graduate will love eating off of this plate for years, as he or she is reminded of a special time. Send them off from preschool in style and confidence, by showing them what they do matters and how much you care for them.

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