How to Throw an Open House Bridal Shower

Some girls love party games and being the center of attention. Some girls dread it. If the bride is the second kind of girl, throwing a traditional bridal shower isn’t giving her a special day—it’s feeding into her worst nightmares!

For the shy bride who isn’t into big social events, avoid throwing a shower that puts her at the center of everything. Party games designed to make the guest of honor feel special only may make the quiet bride nervous and uncomfortable. While some ladies have a blast opening gifts in front of everyone, the socially awkward bride may wish no one had brought her a gift, just so she wouldn’t have to open it in front of everyone.

The shower should be about the bride. Consider throwing an open house shower without party games. This is a great format if the groom and other men are going to be invited.

To throw an open house bridal shower, simply:

1. Create an invite list.

2. Choose the time. Early afternoon is a good time, because you will not be expected to serve dinner.

3. Send invitations. Make sure you specify open house. Verbiage such as, “Come Celebrate with Suzy! Open House Bridal Shower, drop by to say congrats between 2 and 4 p.m.”. If you want cute fill-in invites, check out Sassy Alice & Co’s Butterflies fill in invites.

4. Make or purchase finger foods.

5. Arrange seating to allow for grouped conversations.

6. Set up a gift table.

7. Gifts can be unwrapped as each guest arrives or leaves. Unwrapped gifts can be displayed on a separate table.


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