Personalized Plates Instead of Trophies

Ocean Dot Platter

Ocean Colored Dots Platter

These days, it seems like everyone gets a trophy. If you children play sports consistently, they probably bring home several trophies a year. While it’s nice to have something to remember the season by, and even nicer if the trophy actually marks a championship or big win, many times all those trophies do is gather dust on a shelf. If you have room on the shelf, that is. Many people have to start putting the trophies away in a box!

This season, consider awarding the team with something completely different: Personalized places from Sassy Alice & Co!

Choose one of the dual solid initial plates in the colors for your team. Instead of the first initial for each player, put their jersey number if your team had numbers. Then, have their first names or nicknames added. When you hand them out at the end of the season or at a team party, you are sure to generate a ton of buzz with such unique “trophies!”.

Perhaps the best thing about these “trophies” is that they won’t just gather dust on a shelf somewhere. Kids can actually eat off of the plates. They are durable and dishwasher safe, which means they’ll last for many years. Each time kids eat off the plates, they can remember the season, their team, and all of the great moments playing. The plate is sure to remind them of great times and teamwork way more than a dusty trophy sitting in an out of the way shelf corner.

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