The 411 on Thank You Notes

There’s a joke that says something about Martha Stewart sending thank you cards to thank those who sent her a thank you note.  It’s doubtful, of course, any such     thing actually occurred, but it does speak volumes about how people feel about thank you notes.  Many people wonder just when a thank you card is necessary, and when it would seem over the top.

Here are a few guidelines to help you be grateful without seeming like a crazy card stalker!

When to send a thank you note:

1) After receiving a gift. Any gift. For any reason.

2) After receiving sympathy flowers or other gifts.

3) When someone makes a donation to your cause or a cause you are promoting.

4) After a job interview.

5) After being treated to an outing or attending a party.

Formula for writing a thank you note:

Many people don’t send thank you cards because they are uncomfortable writing them. If you are extremely uncomfortable writing a thank you card, purchase cards which have something printed on the inside, such as “Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.” Write the recipient’s name at the top, and sign your name at the bottom. Certainly this isn’t as good as a handwritten note, but is better than nothing.

For a handwritten note, start with the person’s name, thank them specifically for the item or action, and close with a personalized remark. The remark might be a description of what you did with the item, how you enjoyed the item, or future plans.

Sign your name, and you’re done. The note doesn’t need to be lengthy—a small personal touch goes a long way.

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